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The Destination Is Exciting, The Journey Is Hard, Don’t Go It Alone

You are being pulled in so many different directions. Having lots of options can lead to unfocused action, wasted resources, and poor decision making. Your options might not even be struggles, maybe they are opportunities and yet still create feelings of overwhelm. ALM’s, (American Lawyer Media) Mental Health survey published in 2020 found that 31% of respondents feel depressed and 64% feel they have anxiety. It’s no wonder why so many lawyers burn out far short of reaching their dream destination.

It’s difficult to go somewhere you’ve never been, without a roadmap, yet it is part of the journey. You’ve probably heard the phrase “what got you here won’t get you there” and it’s true. You can’t repeat the same steps or stay in the same place and reach a new destination. Reaching the dream destination - building a profitable practice on your own terms - is dramatically improved by joining forces with others who share your drive and desire.

Introducing Get More Legal Clients

Our founder, Diahann Boock, has proudly worked with lawyers since 2009. We’ve created Get More Legal Clients, a private community for growth-minded lawyers motivated by purpose, committed to growing their business, willing to do the work, and eager to create their legacy.

While each legal practice (and professional) is unique, everyone can benefit from:

  • Cutting edge education

  • Immersive training

  • Interactive collaboration

  • Access to proven advice

  • Powerful Tools

  • Inside Get More Legal Clients

    This program is constantly expanding. While many tried and true marketing & sales techniques stand the test of time, others need to be tweaked, enlarged, or even dumped. We enjoy pushing the boundaries, finding wildly successful niches, being ourselves, having fun, and responding to the needs of our clients. Our goal is to help as many lawyers as humanly possible.

    Get More Legal Clients is constructed upon three core pillars:

    1. Private Community

  • Discussion focused on skill development

  • Member networking

  • Weekly accountability & Monthly growth challenges

  • 2. Exclusive Content

  • You'll have access to our growing list of recorded course and trainings

  • 3. Direct Access and Support from the Get More Legal Clients Team

  • Regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) opportunities with Diahann and Team

  • Weekly Coaching Call.  You are guaranteed 12 coaching calls with your investment.  However, as long as we are having coaching calls, you are invited to attend.

  • How Does Get More Legal Clients Work?

    We pull from more than a decade of experience working with lawyers and helping them achieve more than eight figures in originations. Lawyers we work with are committed to a 10x - 100x mindset for their business and most importantly for their personal lives. We can grow your practice if you are willing, able, and are willing to have or establish a growth mindset!

  • First, take one minute and fill out an application.

  • Then we’ll set a date for a strategy call to quickly understand (at a very high level) the fundamentals of your practice and what you want to accomplish. If we both conclude Get More Legal Clients is a good fit,

  • You join the private community

  • You gain immediate access to exclusive content

  • You post questions for AMA

  • You participate in weekly coaching sessions

  • Is Get MoreLegal Clients Right For You?

  • We’ll dive deep into your life and business to uncover the cause of bottlenecks in your practice.

  • We’ll uncover factors that are affecting your growth and fix the problems.

  • We'll give you many done-for-you tools to accelerate your impact and multiply your income and profit.


  • If you feel extra motivation to be a part of something special from the very beginning, now is the opportune moment because we are offering a Debut Membership - limited to the next 25 memberships. Debut Members receive an 80% discount on the decision maker price listed below.

  • Get More Legal Clients is a four figure investment. We’ve been doing this since 2009 - we are not going anywhere.

  • Need time to think about it after your strategy call, the price is $7,800

  • You decide to join during your strategy call - that makes you a decision maker. We really like working with and rewarding action takers who make decisions. That price is $5,000.

  • The next 25 memberships get 80% off the decision maker price.When the Debut Memberships are gone, so is the discount.

  • Many coaches don’t share numbers on public pages -- they wait until they get you on the call. There are a lot of reasons for this and I agree with most of them. It’s just not how I want to start a relationship with you. All growth starts with the utmost transparency and by telling the truth. We’ve found great lawyers appreciate warmth, candor, and clarity. If you aren’t willing to invest $5,000 in yourself, we aren’t a good fit and we don’t want to waste your time.

  • So, if you know you are worth the investment and you are excited about your ROI,we are a good fit. Get ready to get the help you want and need to do the work on YOURSELF and your PRACTICE → click the link below to fill out a one-minute application and let’s get on the phone and see what we can make happen.

  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to support you. Let’s do this!